With 33 cents, a day

you can change the world.

How Can You Help and Make a Difference?

Remember that Politicians Gain Power from you by Dividing US, Fight against this.

What happened to the Tea Party?

Emotions of anger and Patriotism are the foundational energy for the Tea Party.

As it repeated a moment of change for our society. Taking its name from an act of Rebellions ascripted to the “Sons of Liberty.”

Sons of Liberty members became revered patriots and one John Adams became our second President.

Their call to actions in the Battle of Bunker Hill was the natural flow of events beginning with Concord and Lexington.

An organization with ideals for Government and Governing.

The current day Tea Party appears to have drifted into irrelevance. Absorbed by the Republican Party. It is viewed as a spoiler of progress.

Has the flame of the Tea Party been extinguished or are there embers to be fanned? Creating a flame that will be a bright and durable as the Light of Lady Liberty.

These questions will not be answered here. There are no answers here only questions and suggestions.

Some questions will be asked but most are for those supporting the Tea Party. An introspection of personal beliefs and commitments.

The core of the belief is or the Sons of Liberty can be found in the writing of John Adams. The documents that create the State of Masscults and U.S Constitution.

John Adams as a central player in the Sons of Liberty codified the basic beliefs.

Pause for a moment and try to recall the core beliefs of the current Tea Party. They have lost of issues but what do they believe in?

The fall back position is the Constitution. But not as written but as each individual remembers. Lacking was the framework necessary to achieve the “Tea Party” goals. Consider this what is the difference between and Army and a Mob?

One is driven by emotions and one is execution of a strategy. Strategy is an overall plan achieved by a series of applied tactics.

The Tea Party is a Mob Applying tactics without strategy.

The Tea Party is not the first or will it be the final political movement pressing for change.

The question, can the energy of the movement be directed to long-term positive change in the political process?

The “Three Percent”, yes 3% is what is needed to cause societal change. The small segment of a society provides the momentum for change; Our own Revolution, the Communist Revolutions, the French Revolution and Hitler’s taking over of Germany.

A committed 3% with an executable strategy can change the world.

On the other hand, an emotional outburst by a like-minded group will squander over time.

Each of the revolutions listed above had a central document of common beliefs with expected results. Our Declaration of Independence is a call to action.

There is still time for the Tea Party. That time is limited, people will lose hope when their concerns are not addressed.

One cautions for the Tea Party “don’t try to do too much”.

As a national organization focus on National Issues but allow the beauty of our Constitution to shine through.

Local issues need local solutions, each local concern is unique.

Yet on the National Issues be BOLD.

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