A Good Place to Start

Welcome to 33 Cents a Day: The Blog. However, you found us; I’m glad you made it.
As this is the first post, I think it’s important to explain my goals and what I intend to accomplish.

First, I hope to provide content that will assist readers in navigating the ocean of political noise. There’s plenty out there; I hope to bring some clarity.

Second, I want to offer an accurate perspective on the actions of those who intend to manipulate, deceive, or abuse in the political process. Again, I’ll have lots to work with.

Third, I desire to stimulate conversations that lead to actions – actions that lead to real solutions. I believe there are solutions out there; we just have to look beyond the status quo.

Finally, if all goes well, I will have built a platform where other, like-minded bloggers can join the conversation. I know you’re out there. Don’t be shy!

We don’t know one another very well yet; I’d like to get better acquainted through our conversations in the comments. Going forward, I make you three promises.
I promise to source every assertion with credible documentation
I promise to identify opinion clearly when given
I promise to maintain a fresh, optimistic perspective – eschewing cynicism in all its forms

If that sounds good to you, let’s get started!


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