How Do We live in peace, Christian, Jew and Muslim

You are a good person, hardworking, committed to your family and friends. Wanting only to go to work, provide for your family and live a peaceful life. How to do that is the question facing all of us.
A Simpler Life
Government; employees and elected official are playing a larger role in everyday life. Understanding more about government, whose actions and inactions impact our lives and therefore, our freedoms become necessary.
Fear is not part of a Simpler Life. The goal is not to make you fearful. The goal is awareness of actions on our government and pressure placed on our elected officials.
Islamic faith goals and objectives are one of the most critical issues facing us.
The Islamic faith claims to be based on the Ten Commandments which it shares with Christian and Jewish faiths. We share the same God and common heritage.
View the three major religions as a family; Judaism the older brother, Christianity the middle child and Islam, the younger brother.
A simplistic view of the older brother is a family-centered faith where the word of God is personal. The word of God to be followed as given.
The middle child, Christianity, the compassionate child. Focused on doing good in the community of man. Sharing love of God with the members of the faith and unbelievers.
Islam as the youngest of the three believes the rules given by God do not apply to it.
Ten Commandments given by God are the eternal Law which arrived with clarity will provide the guide in this evaluation.
To understand the Islamic beliefs, it is important the words of that faith be put forth. The first term the non-Muslim or Islamic unbeliever needs to understand is; Taqiyya. For this understanding I am drawing on accepted translations:
Taqiyya is the Concealing, precaution, guarding which is employed in disguising ones’ beliefs, intentions, convictions, ideas, feeling, an opinion or strategies. In practical terms it is the manifested as dissimulating, Lying, deceiving, vexing and confounding the intentions of deflecting attention, foiling or pre-emptive blocking. It is currently employed in fending off and neutralizing any criticism of Islam or Muslims.
The support for this action is in their holy document Chapter 3, Verse 28 and Chapter 16 verse 106. It is the Duty of the Believer to advance the interest of Islam regardless of the method.
Therefore, Islam allows the believer to break the 8th commandment, in fact, they are encouraged to do so in their view it advances the interest of Islamification or Dominance.

If you are an Unbeliever, the Muslim must lie to you where your interests conflict with Islam. In a world where truth is situational, this may be accepted. But the problem arises for a society when one part announce the other parts of the body politic must Submit, Convert or Die.
Beliefs and goals of Islam are in Direct conflict with living a simple, peaceful life and that of a world that want’s Peace.
How Do we live in Peace?


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