The Hispanic Community is a traditionalist community, rooted in family and community.

The conversation will shift to opportunities and results. Let me go on record and upset many people; the Hispanic Community is the Future of the United States.

  • Looking at the demographics and migration trends
  • over the next hundred years they will play the same part in the growth of our Republic as the Irish and the Italians.

Some argue that these poor unfortunates embody the pursuit of the American dream and therefore deserve U.S. citizenship, or at the very least legal resident status.

  • Let’s back up for a moment and look at this line of reasoning from another perspective.
  • American citizen commits a felony, he or she loses some or all the benefits afforded under the U.S. Constitution.
  • The robber of a bank once caught, does not get to keep the money or freedom.

If a citizen of another country unlawfully breaches our border to enjoy the benefits of our society, is no less a lawbreaker than a high plains rustler or Central Park mugger.

Bad behavior should not be rewarded. Citizenship should not be an option for those who are here illegally.

The only acceptable path to citizenship is through legal immigration. But how do we deal with the impossibility of deporting one million, much less 12 million, individuals?

We must silence the siren song of employers willing to trade integrity for cheap labor.

  • Taking away employment opportunities will cause illegal workers to deport themselves in short order,
  • while legal temporary workers can then fill the void.
  • To stop the flow of illegal workers and still supply the workforce needed for our economy
  • it is necessary to increase the number of legal temporary work visas to meet the economy’s demand.

The number of work visas made available must not oversupply the labor market.

Oversupplying the labor market will drive down wages and will hurt the middle class. The intent of any work visa program is to fill a temporary labor shortage.

It is necessary to address employers who knowingly hire or take advantage of illegal workers by paying below market wages.

  • Those employers should repay the government for the social cost of illegal workers.
  • The actions need to be forceful and aggressive to leave no doubt that our government is serious about solving this issue.

The problem of the 12 million still needs to be addressed and solved. One approach is a registration program requiring each illegal worker to register with the government.

  • As part of registration, they are required to agree to a deportation.
  • If caught in an immigration enforcement action all appeals would be waived.
  • Because they have complied with registration, a 24-month period to leave the country would be given.
  • Also, they will be eligible to reenter legally.

During the 24 months, they must report their address to the government.

It will still be necessary to secure our borders, which should make re-entry less of a problem.

The cost of the registration program should be borne by the illegal workers and their employers.

  • The registration would require identification of employers who have provided work.
  • Each employer would be assessed a fine.
  • The fines would go to pay the costs of the registration process.

The registered illegal workers would be able to;

  • use to the banking system
  • get special classes of driver licenses if the individual state chooses to issue them.
  • All related state concerns, such as education and welfare, will be resolved at the state and local levels.

A registered illegal worker may return to his or her home country and follow the application process becoming immediately eligible for a work visa.

The goal of the temporary worker program should be to train immigrant workers. Then have them return to their country of citizenship to help develop a middle class.

While the goal of the temporary worker program is to fill a labor shortage, the long-range goal should be to create consumers in our trading partners.

By training the temporary labor force and exposing them to the benefits of the middle class, we will be providing the foundation for a middle class in their home country. This new middle class, supported by U.S. trade policy will provide new customers for American goods and services while the products from our trading partners will increase in amount and quality.

The side benefits will be to create stability and encourage innovation while increasing the diversity of ideas. Since trading partners are less likely to have a conflict, the effect will be to create added security for our country.

A practical conversation is necessary to address serious issues.

The ruling or elite class in Mexico have not dealt with the Corruption Tax. A Corruption Tax is the cost to society because of accepted government corruption.

It is this Corruption Tax that holds back the growth in the Mexican economy.

Implementing NAFTA impacted the growing trade in the Mexican economy.

  • Now 51% of urban dwellers in Mexico are classified as middle class,
  • while only 25% of the rural population have achieved that status.

NAFTA, a progressive trade agreement should be continued if it is modified to reflect Monetary Manipulation.

The North American continent is the leader in world trade,

  • but Mexico has been abused by the Elites,
  • who have profited by the illegal drug trade.
  • This cash cow will be slaughtered by Border Enforcement.
  • Should Border Enforcement achieve the desired goal, the Population of Mexico and all the Americas will see an economic uptick.

As this is explained in the debate the choice for the Hispanic Community will be clear. The divisive politics as usual or a path to prosperity by inclusiveness and growth.