Media Noice

Noise gets louder as the political season unfolds, but some actions are quiet, almost hidden. The intent is to manipulate the voters or citizens. Two items reported in the news will provide this point.

In a Texas town a Mosque’s application for Sharia Law defeated by a vote of 5-4. The application allowed the mosque to use Sharia Law, applied in civil cases within the Muslim community. Two points;

Texas state legislature has not passed Sharia Law.

Four elect officials voted for passage is unbelievable.

Some years ago in Waco Texas and Ruby Ridge in Idaho, the Branch Davidians and Randy Weaver, white separatist, wanted the same control over their affairs. The result was an armed assault by federal law enforcement.

The fact there was no media outcry for this application brings into question the Media as the 4th Estate.

The First Amendment protection is the foundation of our way of life. An agenda driven Media is the road to disaster. If our system provides equal protection it only follows that religious sects, white separates or any group claiming the same religious freedom should be treated equally.

This is flawed Logic, the United States is not divided into little enclaves of religion, but is one big melting pot of religious beliefs. When groups become separated by beliefs it creates conflict in applying the laws.

The recent shooting in Oregon is the latest misrepresentation or omission by the Media. Media choose to label our President of Mixed Racial Heritage as Black, explain then the Oregon shooter of the same mixed race heritage labeled as White with white separatist connections?

It is the subtle nuances that impacts how the news is presented, with its social or agenda bias.

Readers and fellow Bloggers help us shine the light of Truth on these actions. When an agenda driven story, something that is as outrageous as to offend free and open Press, it will be ridiculed. Simply asking a question sometimes is enough to shine the light exposing corruption.

Please join us in this pursuit of good and fair government.


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