The current two majority party system has been hijacked by the lobbyists and special interests to the harm of the country.

Over the years’ new political parties have emerged to advance a narrow range of ideas.

  • These groups are under-funded and
  • ill-organized to take on the special interests of the dominant political parties.

We need a third-party that is well funded and well organized.

  • That party organization should focus on the individual voter,
  • where they live.
  • Government governs best when closest to the voter, where it can be watched.

The party should reflect the genius of the Founding Fathers, a separation of duties which promote a common goal without concentrating power.

Being anchored by the idea of government control at the level closest to the public.

  • The primary role being to inform and organize at the precinct level:
  • Voter registration.
  • Public information.
  • Election-day mobilization of voters.

Using this close-to-the-voter method the party will be assured of a constant unfiltered sentiment about government’s action.

With Party focus on telling the public, the electorate will know they can get reliable information with which to form opinions.

The party must be a conduit.

  • The Party providing the voter with information about the workings of our government.
  • With this bright light shining on the actions of our elected officials,
  • it will become harder to disguise the special treatments as doing the people’s business.

Information or propaganda?

First, the party presented information must be seen an unbiased source. The voters should be able to form their opinions based on solid facts, not Pied Piper promises.

The problems of the government can only be solved through honest debate; therefore, manipulating information cannot be tolerated.

We are a representative republic designed for the citizen politician, where the intent of those serving should be to return to a private citizen.

  • Service in office should be limited.
  • This limit is to provide the greatest participation in the governing.
  • As with elected officials, there must be limits on the time a volunteer can serve as a Precinct Chair or other leadership position.
  • The goal should be to get the maximum number of people involved.
  • Each precinct should have a cooperating group of volunteers not limiting themselves to a specific category.

The county, state and national organizations are to provide seminars and training to aid the precinct chair in doing the job. Each Precinct Chair becomes part of the party management team.

The goal of the county or parish organization should be to attract qualified candidates and

  • ensure the correct information on relevant issues is available to the public.
  • The state and national organizations should mirror the county organization
  • with the purpose of support following the party’s political philosophy of close to the people government.

The county level organization will be governed by

  • Chairperson and
  • Vice-Chairmen for each category,
  • registration, information and voter turn-out.
  • Each county may create standing committees the county believes are necessary to meet the goals of the organization.
  • The county organization will elect officers from the pool of Precinct Chairs.
  • The state organization will elect its officers from the past County Chairs, and
  • the national organization will elect its officers from past State Chairs.

Selection of officials from this pool will provide the organization knowledgeable individuals to support and guide those at the front line.

This structure for the Party is to ensure those running the party are focused on party goals versus personal agendas. Also, each level will be required to publish financial reports prepared by its treasurer.

Transparency of actions is an underlying tool for overseeing those selected to lead.

Tea Party Looking Forward

Quotes make poignant statements. Quotes put together make an argument. Two such Quotes point to the fate facing the Tea Party movement.


  • “Money is the Mother’s milk of politics” Jesse Unruh, Democrat leader
  • “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” Albert Einstein.

Fact: Money dominates politics. Special interests control the money. Republicans and Democrats receive funding from the Lobbyists. This needs to change.

Einstein was a bright man. Taking his view on change, how do we escape the insanity?

  • Find a way to fund elections not controlled by money from special interests
  • Create a boots on the ground organization with the local voters
  • Unifying message or set of goals

Unruh got it right money is necessary. But activist workers from the community is a close second. Putting people in the process proves a commitment to the message. If the money is close or even in an election, the side with a good ground game will win. Harry Reid’s 2010 Senatorial race proved this. Money was close; polls were against him, but the ground game won the day for him.

Money and ground troops need structure to apply resources effectively. Without structure confusion will result.

Building anything needs structure;

  • an idea, machine, building or organization.
  • Our Constitution provides an idea of a more perfect union.
  • Control from the voter, a bottom-up model.
  • Citizens are coming together to discuss –not argue- the problems of the local, state and federal community.

Money interests and political parties have shifted the bottom-up governing model of the Constitution to a Top-down Ruling model. National political leaders and lobbyist control who is to get the “Mother’s Milk”.

Most sincere candidates are forced to accept this truth. From this truth comes the split personalities’ of elected officials.

The National Machine Politicians have rigged the system by procedures in both houses of Congress. This rigging is repeated in state legislatures and territories. The “powers” allow meaningless votes on issues of interest to local citizens. These votes provide proof elected officials tried to represent voters’ concerns.

Elected officials engage in this rigging as a “Necessary Evil”. Believing that their holding of the office is doing some good.

Stopping the insanity requires a bottom-up change. Changing the way a political party is organized and financed.

Ten Dollar ($10) monthly contributions. Dividing contribution using a published formula between the elected offices. These donations can provide the “Mother’s Milk”. Just three out of 100 people need to contribute. Should the party lose, its focus donors can stop the money.

Candidates will be attracted, some good some bad. Many good candidates who do not want to be bought by the current national political structure will step forward.

Part of the money will fund a boots on the ground organization. Allowing local citizens, the opportunity to be involved.

What results is a true Bottom to Top political organization? This model will work for Conservatives and Liberals equally. Returning us to the government outlined in the Constitution.