Trump’s Wall, the Corruption Tax and Mexico

Immigration is far too important to a topic to be debated in sound bites.

Often what is lost in the noise are the facts. As the debate turns to facts, a shift in opinion will take place. The Hispanic Community is a traditionalist community, rooted in family and community.

The conversation will shift to opportunities and results. Let me go on record and upset many people; the Hispanic Community is the Future of the United States.

Looking at the demographics and migration trends over the next hundred years they will play the same part in the growth of our Republic as the Irish and the Italians.

A practical conversation is necessary to address serious issues.

The ruling or elite class in Mexico have not dealt with the Corruption Tax. A Corruption Tax is the cost to society because of accepted government corruption.

An example of the impact on a community of the Corruption Tax is the shift of the Oil Industry from New Orleans to Houston. When the Gulf oil industry was expanding the elected officials in New Orleans wanted payments to assist the oil companies. Not willing to be extorted the oil companies began moving to Houston.

It is this Corruption Tax that holds back the growth in the Mexican economy.

Implementing NAFTA impacted the growing trade in the Mexican economy. Now 51% of urban dwellers in Mexico are classified as middle class, while only 25% of the rural population have achieved that status.

NAFTA, a progressive trade agreement should be continued if it is adjusted to reflect Monetary Manipulation.

The North American continent is the leader in world trade, but Mexico has been abused by the Elites, who have profited by the illicit drug trade. Border Enforcement will slaughter this cash cow. Should Border Enforcement achieve the desired goal, the Population of Mexico and all the Americas will see an economic uptick.

Killing innocents and corrupting leaders has added to the horrific impact of the drug trade.

By building the border wall and changing immigration laws to allow for a legal flow between the US and Mexico and the United States.

Also, it will force the Government of Mexico to improve the lives of it citizens. By having a release valve of unlawful immigration the Government of Mexico has no immediate need to address the problems of the people.

But what we in the United States are missing is that currently 80% of those crossing the borders are not Mexican but are from Central America. The is a source of money to the corrupt officials who allow this transit.

The illicit Marijuana production is being hit hard by the Legalized and quasi-legalized production. The U.S. grown marijuana is superior to the illegal products being smuggled in. With no corruption tax to be paid to corrupt officials and a reduced cost of transportation, it also provides a greater profit.
Once the U.S. and Mexico are on the same development and monetary strategy, we will see our joined economies grow.

As this is explained in the debate the choice for the Hispanic Community will be clear. The divisive politics as usual or a path to prosperity by inclusiveness and growth.


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